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Mother's Day Pie Orders...

Mother’s Day is just over a week away. We are taking orders for Mother’s Day pies and other treats. Call the shop (517) 669-9300 to place yours! Below is a list of the pies and other treats you can order. 

Fruit Pies – Tom’s Cheery Cherry Cherry Berry, Cherry Berry Berry, Cherry Rhubarb, Cherry Raspberry, Blueberry Raspberry, Blackberry Raspberry, Peach Rhubarb. 

Cream Pies – Coconut Cream, Raspberry Coconut Cream, Raspberry Cream, Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream, Lemon Meringue, Key Lime, Key Lime Raspberry. 

Other Pies – Lemon Pecan Chess, Coconut Chess, Chocolate Chess 

Other Treats – Corsage Cake, Cherry Chip Angel Food Bundt Cake, Carrot Bundt Cake, Sugar Cookies (minimum of 6), Cupcakes (minimum of 6)

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Mother's Day Pie Orders...
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