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One of our missions is to honor traditions.  One of the most special and wonderful of all traditions is celebrating the marriage of two folks with family, friends, and of course yummy food. We bake wedding pies and extra special wedding cupcakes. Take a look at some of the pictures below, and then give us a call to schedule a meeting with us (complete with a "tasting"). We'd love to help you make your wedding a special day and extra special memory!

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  • Before I met my husband, I did not like pie. I know, I know...I'm almost ashamed to admit it now, but I wasn't a pie-lover AT ALL. Not even my grandma's pies - the ones the rest of my family ranted and raved over - could convince me that pie was worth taking up stomach room when I could eat cookies instead! Then one day I went over to my then-boyfriend's house and saw a pretty pink box sitting on the counter. He excitedly opened it up to show me a  perfect-looking pie, and said "This is the best pie I've ever HAVE to try some!" I wrinkled up my nose as he cut a piece and said "Um, no thanks. I'm really not a pie person." He relentlessly kept encouraging me to take just one tiny bite. Finally I sighed loudly and said "If I take a bite and don't like it, you won't make me eat pie ever again?" He agreed and eagerly held the fork up to my mouth to offer me a big bite of 'Cherry Berry Berry' pie. Within seconds my eyes grew wide and I said "You can get your own piece!" as I grabbed the fork out of his hand and dug in.

    It was love at first bite; I was officially a pie-eater and pie-snob. To this day you can't convince me to try any other pie besides Linda's delicious Sweetie-licious pies!  When it came time to plan our wedding, we knew we'd get a cake. But we wanted to do something different and immediately decided to also have wedding pie. Of all the things about our big, beautiful day that people still talk about, the pies top the list. We had just about every kind of pie Linda made there, and not one single piece remained at the end of the night. Besides the one small bite of cake my new husband fed me as our guests looked on, I didn't have any of my wedding cake that day. But you can bet your bottom dollar that I polished off a big slice of pie before heading off to dance the night away. :o) We now love taking our son to Sweetie-licious Pie Pantry on weekends for breakfast, pie, cookies and muffins. A tradition was born the day my pie-aversion ended. Linda and her great team are masters at their craft, and we are fans for life!  --  Amy, Mark and Tate Burton - Lansing, Michigan
  • Thank you for making us the most deliciously beautiful cupcakes for our June 26, 2010 wedding. They were a huge hit, and our guests are still raving about them! I had so much fun picking out the flavors, colors, and textures. Linda perfected her "Double Chocolate" cupcake right before our big day, and it was oh so good! We offered our guests "Citrus Chiffon", "Carrot Cake", "Red Velvet", and of course, "Double Chocolate." Mmm. I want to get married all over again! Thank you Sweetie-licious! - Jodi Wujkowski

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brr  blueberry raspberry snow cake
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lemon meringue pie