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About Sweetie-licious


Our Mission is... to celebrate love, tradition, and people through good food; to make our friends (customers) feel revered; to offer delicious, homemade pies, baked goods, preservesand comfort foods, specialty merchandise and cooking classes in a happy, loving and nostalgic ambience; to honor tradition by means of honoring our elderly through community service projects and contributions. 

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Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe is a charming bakery cafe located in downtown DeWitt, Michigan.  The vintage ambience paired with delicious, old-fashioned food makes for a perfect dining or take-out experience. Our fare is created by infusing the best vintage recipes along with the latest taste sensations. All of our foods are homemade, made with only fresh and quality ingredients - no preservatives are ever added. We specialize in retro baked goods, but we have an amazing lunch and dinner menu as well. Simply put, everything we make is truly unique and yummy. 

Work is love made visible.  --  Kahlil Gibran

In 2002, Linda Hundt established Sweetie-licious Bakery Cafe as a home-based business, selling her fare at farm markets and high-end restaurants. The business has grown into a retail space located at 108 N. Bridge Street in DeWitt, Michigan. Set in a vintage brick building in historic DeWitt, the entire business is based on nostalgia through the business’ mission, comfort foods and pies, atmosphere, music and merchandise. All of our beautiful employees wear vintage aprons and pearls and serve every customer with a smile. 

We are humbled that people come from all over the country to visit the cutest little pie shop in the whole wide world!  For those of you that are unable to physically come to the shop, we think this website will be a close substitute, and ordering our amazing food online will clearly seal the deal for you.

We absolutely love making your Sweetie-licious delicious memories come true!

Eat Pie and Love Life... Linda


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