How It All Started

For The Love Of Pie - How Sweetie-licious Began…  by Linda Hundt 

I remember how excited I was when I received my first Easybake oven! My twin sister and I would bake cakes and cookies for my older brothers and it seemed like it was the only time they were nice to me is when they were eating my goodies!   Even then, I understood the bridge between baking and cooking and the love it radiates.


I remember my years growing up, helping my mother, aunts and grandmother bake and cook their masterpieces and feeling so “at home” in the kitchen. My twin sister and I would bake cookies often and hide them so my three older brothers wouldn’t eat them all before we got home from school.    I had, and still have an incurable sweet tooth and was and am, constantly trying to satisfy it.  I actually found a journal writing of mine from 7th grade (1976) that is a sweet foreshadowing of my future…


I remember how I couldn’t wait to get married so I could start cooking and baking lovely dinners and pies for my husband. I remember being on my honeymoon in Cape Cod in 1985 and seeing this charming pie shop called PIE IN THE SKY and saying aloud to my husband, “Someday I want to have my own pie shop…”


I remember how excited I was when we bought our old farmhouse with gardens, fruit trees and berry bushes so I could cook and bake new creations for my lovely family. Like my Grandmother Ferrell , Aunt Margie and Mother had done,  I was going to make happiness by what I had earned, learned and loved; following suit the importance and beauty of a simple, but true life through love and food.

I remember how scared I was to quit my job and start baking pies full time for real customers at our little DeWitt Farm Market. I loved how my pies made people happy! It miraculously made my depression go away, knowing I was using my gifts that I had unintentionally honed for years!


I remember how excited I was to open my cute, little pie shop and start my Sweetie-licious mission of loving all people that walk through our doors, making the best, yummy food imaginable and keeping delicious memories close to our hearts! I dreamed it true!


I remember how elated and humbled I was when I won the Crisco National Pie Championships $5000.00 Best of Show for Tom’s Cheery Cherry Cherry Berry Pie.   I knew without a doubt, that not only do dreams come true, but that there are angels amongst us. 


 My story clearly shows that we all must believe in our purpose, our gifts, our passions and our dreams and what a difference we all can make! I believe the best thing about getting older is recognizing the birth of my faith and its beautiful power that resonates from my soul. I cannot wait to be all that I am meant to be, and believe with all my heart that God has plans for me as he plans for all of us. Our faith in this simple yet powerful notion is truly everything.
 We can all change the world one pie at a time, in our own, beautiful way! Appreciate the past, Accept the present and Anticipate the future!

Eat Pie, Love Life, Linda xoxo