Our Staff

They are rich who have true friends. -- Thomas Fuller

There is no more sweet, beautiful and dedicated staff than the Sweetie-licious staff.   Everyone always says how hard it is to find good help these days; I am convinced it is because all the good help work at Sweetie-licious! Honestly, I could not do what I do without them, not even close.

We have always had an amazing group of adult women employees throughout the years. Some are my old friends, some retired from their high powered jobs, some former stay-at home-moms, but whatever their history might have been, their love for baking, traditions and people led them to working here.  They adoringly share their talents, experience, and love of pie and people to all! Let it be said, these generations of women are lovely.

Our high school and college students have been such a joy throughout the years as well.  They have learned how to work hard, own their character, love people and roll out pie dough! We feel like we are preparing them for their next life experience by implementing these tenets and skills. Let it be said, this generation is lovely,

I know that everyone at the shop believes that they are changing the world one pie at a time and I cannot or would not ask for anything more. My love, friendship and gratitude to all of my Sweetie-licious staff from yesterday, today and tomorrow!