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Linda Hundt is a sought after speaker who brings her inspirational message of faith, entrepreneurship, and business success to audiences across the country. She will make your next meeting or event one that folks will talk about, cheer, and share. Linda is also available for pie baking demonstrations – either as stand-alone or breakout sessions in conjunction with keynote speaking.  

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Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Business Success the Sweetie-licious Way
For business audiences – entrepreneurship / customer service

In an engaging 60-minute presentation, Linda Hundt tells the story of her journey from start-up to star, with tips about business, mission, customer service, and love along the way. You’ll hear:

How Linda achieved her life-long dream of owning her own pie shop – the nationally recognized, award-winning Sweetie-licious Bakery Café – without a lick of business background or money!

How she marketed her business through baking contests, baking classes, and every public relations opportunity available.

How she created such devoted customers that they not only remain loyal, but also spread the word about her product across the country.

How to turn every single customer into a business’s best friend!

How hard work and perseverance helped Linda win the Food Network’s “Pie Challenge” and twelve Crisco National Pie Awards.

Why folks travel hundreds of miles to experience her shop, its food, and the love spilling out of every piece of pie!

Linda’s Sweetie-licious Journey… From the Depths to Success
For general and faith-based audiences – love / food / family

A 60-minute open, emotional, and inspirational narrative of Linda Hundt’s personal story which began with a childhood dream and culminated with an award-winning business - with many doubts, setbacks, and failures along the way. Your audience will be inspired by:
Adversity conquered by faith and love… Linda’s story of bankruptcy, depression, God, and her little pie shop that she believes is changing the world – one pie at a time!

Linda’s recollections of family, food and traditions and how her whole life started with her Easy Bake oven!

Dreams that come true… How each of Linda’s dreams – from owning the cutest little pie shop in the world to winning the Food Network Pie Challenge, being recognized by numerous Crisco National Pie Championships, business awards, to writing her own cookbook – came true!

Struggles in the face of success… Linda speaks of her constant struggle with depression and how it actually helped create who she is today.

Most of all… Get ready to get teary-eyed when you hear Linda’s miraculous story of daily epiphanies, God’s gifts, and making your life full of purpose and love! You will understand why she eats pie and loves life everyday!

Sweetie-licious Pie Baking Demonstrations
For general audiences

Make your convention or meeting fun and tasty with a one-of-kind demonstration of the lost art of pie baking from the Crisco National Pie Champion, Linda Hundt. Watch and learn with Linda – the happy and energetic owner of the nationally famous, Sweetie-licious Bakery Café in DeWitt, Michigan.  

Linda will demonstrate how simple pie baking can be and more importantly, how fun it can be. Your personalized baking demo includes hands-on instruction, clever conversation, Sweetie-licious award-winning samples, and special Sweetie-licious baking secrets – all wrapped up as a delightful and informative event!

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Pop-up B&W photo of Linda with rolling pin courtesy of Lisa Twenter - Motion Marketing & Media


  • "Thank you for sharing your cooking talents with me today at the Somerset store. I felt like it was a personal demonstration, and I was the only one in the room. You have a God given talent to draw people in to you like a magnet. I really didn't plan on staying. I was in a hurry and didn't even want to stick around for the demo -- but a voice told me to slow down and stay. That was the best thing I ever did. I held on to every word you said and enjoyed every bit of your demonstration. I also didn't have any intentions of buying the book -- and then another voice told me to buy it for my sister. I was so very happy to have met you today -- I felt like a better person just talking to you. I appreciated your warmth and kindness. I most of all appreciated your hugs. Sometimes hugging a stranger reminds you there is love in this world.  My sister will be visiting this Thanksgiving and I will most definitely take her to your store. She will fall in love with it just like I did. I know you will continue to be blessed and I pray you have all the success in the world. Thank you again for adding sunshine to my day today. Have a super night!" Sonja
  • "At a recent Fall 2012 District Garden Club meeting hosted by the Dewitt Millennium Garden Club Linda entertained over 200 guests with her life story. She told us of falling in love with baking as a young child and the trials and bumps she faced along the way to finally achieving her goal of owning ‘the cutest little pie shop in the whole wide world’. Needless to say she awed the audience with her grace, candor, and humor while sharing her hints to baking that perfect pie. As friends I have heard Linda’s story many times, but I still find it inspiring and heartwarming each time I do. It was a lovely and entertaining afternoon enjoyed by everyone attending, thank you Linda."   
                      -- Linda Fitzpatrick, Dewitt Millennium Garden Club
  •  “Linda Hundt continues to capture her clients hearts through their taste buds. Linda’s Sweetie-licious bakery concept has proven to be a “great phenomenon”. I had the pleasure of hearing Linda speak at the National Retail Federation Conference in NYC this past January. Her presentation engaged and excited the audience of both national and international retailers. Her success is a winning combination of great products, raving fans, and her charming marketing techniques. Her road to success is clearly marked with a refreshing spirit to deliver a business environment and products that create a long lasting emotional attachment. I look forward to following her success!”
    Margie Johnson, Retail Consultant
    President of Shop Talk, Virginia Beach, VA 
  • "What an experience for the small retail business!  Linda Hundt presents a positive and dynamic case history, with clear direction for audiences to take back, and apply, to their own operation.  Entertaining and wonder Linda has been seen nationwide.  Her success is worth the notoriety"
    William McDonald, National Retail Federation - Coordinator, Marketing & Brand Mgmt.
  • Linda helped our ladies enjoy, laugh, and celebrate the Advent season. Her joy in it was infectious. -- Cindy Pastula, St. Franci Retreat Center 
  • Linda’s presentation was wonderful! We have had terrific feedback from the members, and their guests, who were able to attend her presentation. They enjoyed the pie demo and delicious Key Lime Raspberry Pie and the inspirational personal story of how she started her business. I would certainly recommend her as a speaker to any group!
    -- Cathy Lazar, Director of Marketing, Country Club of Lansing
  • You were FABULOUS! Thank you for being a part of last night, it truly would not have been the same without you. You brought an energy to the night that can’t be matched, Linda!   -- Daphne 
  • Our participants learned great secrets for baking delicious pies and enjoyed your humor and stories…..without exception, everyone raved about the time we spent with you – it felt very personal, warm, funny, and almost magical. -- Christy



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