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Ellie’s Cherry Blackberry Peach Pie

When my daughter, Ellie, was a baby, my parents would babysit her a few days a week, which was indeed a highlight for all involved.   Because Ellie was their first grandchild, they lived for their “grandpa-ma days” and spoiled her rotten, of course. As it is, my mother has always baked pies and usually has a fresh baked pie ready and waiting to share with all who may stop by. So, at Grandma’s house, when most babies were eating baby food, my Ellie was eating pies. My mother would make special pie filling for her when she first starting eating solid food and as she grew, her grandmother lovingly expanded her pie palate. My daddy loves to tell the story that when Ellie was in her highchair and hadn’t talked at all, he asked her what she wanted for breakfast. According to him, Ellie’s face lit up with smiles, and she happily said “PIE!” The lovely word “pie” was my Ellie’s very first word and although she is all grown up, still one of her favorites. 

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