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Betsie’s Key Lime Raspberry Pie

Betsie’s Key Lime Raspberry Pie

I delight in a special birthday memory many years ago when my girls were quite young. As it is, we are a pie loving family and have celebrated birthdays with pies instead of traditional birthday cakes for generations. One year for my birthday, my husband decided to surprise me and make me my favorite key lime pie instead of me making it myself. He enlisted our daughters, Ellie and Betsie’s “help” and swore the girls to secrecy on this most special pie mission. The day before my birthday I set out grocery shopping for pie supplies, not knowing at the time that it would be an unnecessary errand. During this time, John and the girls hurriedly made my birthday pie surprise, leaving not a trace of evidence of its creation. Upon my return, I was greeted at the door by all three of them grinning huge, suspicious smiles. I pretended not to notice the escalated excitement in the air and went on to put the groceries away. Seconds later, the secret proved to be too much for little Betsie as she blurted out that my birthday pie was secretly made while I was out and that it was going to be delicious. Of course, John and big sister, Ellie were disappointed initially that their pact was broken so quickly and easily, but we all soon laughed wildly at her innocent outburst. The next day we went on to celebrate my birthday and eat the best key lime pie I have ever eaten or will ever eat.

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