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Mitt Romney Visits the Shop

We are honored that an American Presidential candidate, has asked to have a slice of pie and baking class at the "cutest little pie shop in the whole wide world!" I am excited about the fanfare and commerce it brings to our darling town of DeWitt and beloved Michigan. I am excited to show off our shop, food, pies, and sweet staff to the caravan of folks that come with his travels. I am WAY excited to show Governor Romney and his lovely wife, Ann, how to make national award-winning pies!  But most of all, I am elated to show folks across the country how to change the world one pie at a time, in their own unique way.

I believe that through our national award-winning Sweetie-licious pies and loving and respecting every person who walks through our front door; no matter their political affiliation, that we are changing the world one pie at a time! I believe that we all have purpose, and the honorable opportunity to make a difference in our country's soul. We all can take part in America's greatness, in our own unique way; whether it is building cars, mining coal, teaching children, making pies, or even running for President of the United States!

Governor Romney and his wife will eat a slice and learn how to make Abraham Lincoln's Cherry Apple Pie, and like all of us, hopefully aspire to be selfless dreamers like Abe. Read the story below that is attached to every cherry apple pie that leaves our shop.


Honest Abe Cherry Apple Pie

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Mitt Romney Visits the Shop
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