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Jordyn's “True Champion” Blueberry Raspberry Cherry Pie

All of us have the ability to be some kind of a champion. Some of us will be champions at county fairs, singing competitions, spelling bees, art competitions, or even pie baking championships! Some of us will be champions for admirable charities and causes;  for our children, in later life, or for our parents. Then, some of us will be champion athletes - from Little League, high school state championships, to the Olympics. We all know by now that no one can be a champion without passion, perseverance, and innate talent. There are many kinds of champions. However, what sets a “True Champion” apart is grace; the ability to lose with grace and honor and win with humble pride and joy. Our hometown sweetheart, Olympic Gold Medalist, Jordyn Wieber is a “True Champion.” Let us all emulate Jordyn and take home the gold in our everyday life - to graciously win and lose and to persevere with grace and passion in everything we do, and we will start changing the world one pie at a time!

Be a “True Champion” in all that you do!

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Jordyn's “True Champion” Blueberry Raspberry Cherry Pie
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