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Back To School

  • Favorite Quote – I wrote this in peoples’ h.s. yearbooks - I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today. William Allen White
  • Favorite afterschool snack – My mom had these cookies for us after school, if I could make it home before my older brothers ate them all :) ginger balls.

  • Favorite school memory – Back in the seventies, my twin sister and I would ride our bikes to our friend’s grandmother’s house every day after school. And every day, without fail, Mrs. Dell filled her adorable antique cookie jar to the very top with fresh homemade cookies for us. Daily, she greeted us with delicious cookies, ice cold milk, and a warm smile.
    We all counted on this special after school snack, we day-dreamed of it through algebra and gym class and were never disappointed in her cookie selection, presentation or quality.  That sweet lady made sure we had something to look forward to each tiresome and long, junior-high filled day. 
    I think of her often and smile, because as trivial as a batch of cookies sound, it truly helped motivate me though my 8th grade year at Walter French Junior High!  I am, to this day, humbled by her baking talents and thoughtfulness and am doing my best to carry on her simple yet lovely tradition in all that I do.   Eat cookies and make people feel special…
  • Favorite school age celebrity crush – Robbie, My Three Sons
  • Favorite school cafeteria lunch – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, Hostess Apple Pie
  • Favorite school – Lansing Eastern High School!
  • My favorite teacher


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