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I'll Be Home for Christmas

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Home is such a lovely four letter word.  I am not sure there is another word that brings most folks such peace of heart.  I know many of you either have family and friends coming to your homes or you are going back home to yours or theirs, but no matter the circumstance, the yearning for home is universal and timeless.

 I am not sure there is anything more poignant than Bing singing; I’ll Be Home For Christmas.  As one imagines every G.I. dreaming of their own home, whether it is some life-changing war from yesteryear or today…

One of my favorite Christmas movies is, The Walton’s Homecoming, which is all about the father of seven making it home for Christmas during the Great Depression.  This 1970’s made for television movie, reflects the timeless notion that families should be, need to be, and have to be together at Christmas, no matter what the circumstances.

I believe everyone should be home for Christmas, whether it is realistic or not, I wish it to be so. Home is the goal, the destination, for there certainly is no place like it. Most importantly, during this season, home is where Santa comes every year and still does for us believers. So whether you are traveling to a home or staying at your own, make your home for Christmas, warm and magical with plenty of love, laughter, forgiveness, acceptance, patience, joy and  of course...pie! 

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