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QVC Update...

Your responses and support are once again, overwhelming to me and everyone at Sweetie-licious! I have tears running down my cheeks, not because of thawed pies, but because of love, loyalty and friendship! I will have to write a pie story about you all! As wonderful as all of you were about purchasing the pies, the pies were already on their way out East when we discovered the problem..., and they could not turn the truck around. So we have found homes for them in area churches and food banks out there. Some folks will have some yummy All-American pies for the All-American holiday!

I cannot thank you enough, as I feel like George Bailey from ITS A WONDERFUL LIFE..."No man is a failure who has friends." Clarence, the Angel.

Eat pie, love life! xolinda


I write this morning with a heavy heart, as I must share some disappointing news with regards to our QVC appearance. Somehow, our brand new freezer, that we purchased for this endeavor, broke down in the middle of the night and partially thawed over 600 pies slated for next week's QVC show. Because of this, the pies are not the one-of-kind pies that we are so proud of at Sweetie-licious, and cannot be sold as premium pies in good faith.

This QVC project has been something all of us at the shop have worked on perfecting for nine months. Hours and hours have gone into mastering every aspect of these pies; from rolling out pie dough and baking the pies to the complicated shipping process – all to insure our high quality product for thousands more pie-loving folks! Our staff has worked tirelessly to make this dream come true, and I am sick for them and their disappointment... I cannot thank them enough for their dedication and loyalty to the Sweetie-licious mission!

I have talked to QVC and they are eager to have me back on to sell more pies at a later date. I am not sure at this time if we can make that happen financially, as this is a devastating loss for us, but I will do my best. I want to apologize to all of you, as you all are so lovingly supportive of me and Sweetie-licious, and I know there are lots of people you have shared our news with.

Most importantly, I believe in God and His plan with all of my heart and soul. I completely understand that for whatever reason our pies were not to be sold next week on QVC. I await to see the wonderful outcome of all of this, yet to unfold...Eat pie, love life!

With gratitude and love always – xoxxolinda

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QVC Update...
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