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Autumn 2012

  • Favorite Autumn Dinner – a hearty country vegetable soup with lots of potatoes, crusty bread to dip it in, wedges of Michigan apple slices and white cheddar cheese
  • Favorite Autumn Dessert – love warm apple pie or apple crisp with homemade caramel and really good vanilla bean ice cream, anything pumpkin!
  • Favorite Autumn Past time – color tour walks down our country road, bonfires, apple cider making, Thanksgiving dinner, trip to Frankenmuth w family, eating mini cinnamon donuts
  • Favorite Autumn Memory – I remember as a kid sitting on our front porch at 1505 Harding, staring at the beautiful hard maples across the street turn their amazing colors. I remember dreaming about how I wanted my life to be while watching the leaves dance in the breeze and feeling comforted by their final, peaceful fall to the ground. Even at that age, I believe I somehow understood a leaf’s metaphor – we start out small and insignificant, grow large and purposeful and end with a colorful , meaningful swansong.
  • Favorite Autumn Song - Autumn Leaves by Nat king Cole
  • Favorite AutumnQuote – "One day, something is gone from earth and sky,,,autumn has come...seasons of scales and balances, when the earth, brought to judgment for its fruits, says: I have done what I let me rest! " (This is exactly how I feel by the end of our fall season at our farmette here at home, and at my busy, busy busy pie shop!!)
  • Favorite Autumn Movies - Walt Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - for its beautiful music, fun animation by Walt's talented artists, Washington Irving's intriquing story  and all narrated by the legendary, Bing Crosby! and On Golden Pond - A breathtaking movie with amazing actors, settings, and lessons on life...forgiveness, love anf family!

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