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Aunt Margie's Aprons

One of my Dear Aunt Margie’s favorite colors was pink, as she “simply pinked” everything around her. As a child I loved this, for she had a pink kitchen countertop, a pink bathroom, and a pink chenille bedspread! She also had several pink aprons for various cooking/baking conditions and/or events. For everyday cooking she wore her simple flour sack aprons, but because she was a master seamstress she made even the most benign clothes adorable. Her daily home-keeping aprons were decorated with pinkness – buttons, rick-rack, bows, and some even had bells on them!

Her hostess aprons were mostly pink, but she did add other colors for contrast. They were made from organza, tulle, or felt and adorned with big bows and sequins. They were to be worn for company only, although she let us play dress-up with them when we came to visit.

She even had children’s aprons in plenty of pink and blue, just our size. It was always so much fun to cook and bake with her when we wore our special little aprons!

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