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Wishing You a Sweetie-licious New Year

Wishing You a Sweetie-licious New Year

Gosh, what a great time of the year for us all! The 2011 New Year is shiny and bright with endless opportunities! I know so many dreams are bound to come true for many of you this year. All of your hard work, faith and many blessings will come to fruition. For some, it may not be this year, but your year will come, believe this to be true. 

I think the best part of celebrating the newest year ahead is anticipating all we are going to accomplish! It matters not at this point whether we actually accomplish all we hope to; rather, it is the thrill of the anticipation of all the positive things that will certainly happen this year that we must focus on! 

I think that we ALL have so much to be grateful for, so much to contribute to and most importantly, so much love to extend, that the year is never enough time to get it all done. That is the beautiful part of this yearly mission; as it carries over year after year! :) We at Sweetie-licious wish all of you a very, very happy, hopeful, purposeful and love filled New Year! 

Xoxo Eat Pie, Love Life, Linda



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