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Celebrating President's Day with Pie!

In honor of Linda's favorite President, Abe Lincoln, we've created a pie especially for President's Day and we'll be giving out free samples of it on Monday February 21st. So, be sure to stop into the shop to give it a try!  As you know, all our pies have an accompanying 'pie story'. Below is the story for "Sweet Abe's Cherry Apple Pie". 

"Abraham Lincoln and I share a birthday. I have felt honored all of my life that such a beloved man had anything in common with oh, so commonly me. I am always boasting about my Abe, as I have always thought of him as being my dear grandfather. He was one of our most beloved presidents for many reasons; however, he possessed two virtues that were paramount above all others; the capacity to dream and to be selfless. People that live their lives selflessly understand their purpose. Abraham understood that standing up for all that is good and just, loving all living beings equally, and living your life doing good for others is the secret to life. Abraham Lincoln started off no different then you and me. He was neither a King nor God. He was merely an ordinary Midwestern man that did extraordinary things because he was a courageous, selfless dreamer. He made a difference in our world because he realized his cause was bigger than himself and dreamed that he could make it better. Thank God for selfless dreamers!"

Eat pie and be a selfless dreamer!    
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Celebrating President's Day with Pie!
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