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"Sweetie-licious: A Taste of the Season"

The hour-long television program is a new WKAR TV special. It is part of WKAR’s “Home for the Holidays” programming airing in December. The show will premier at 10:00 am this coming Saturday. Repeat broadcasts will air at 2:00 pm Sunday Dec. 2nd, 8:00 pm Tuesday Dec. 4th, and 1:30 pm Thursday Dec. 8th… with additional broadcasts on WKAR World and WKAR Create.

During the show Linda shows Susi Elkins the secrets of making gingerbread men, the perfect pie crust, Mommy’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Praline pie, and wonderful coffee cake. The program will be aired during WKAR’s “Home for the Holidays” membership campaign. Among the thank-you gifts available for calling in during the program are copies of the recipes, a Sweetie-licious pie plate, and gift certificates for pie and coffee cake.

We hope you’ll tune in to watch as well as pledge your support to WKAR!

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"Sweetie-licious: A Taste of the Season"
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