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Patty, You're Our Sweetie Pie

Each month we'll be acknowledging one of our staff members. This month it is Patty Blackmond.

We are so thankful to have Patty Blackmond as one of our bakers at Sweetie-licious! She came to work with us several years ago, bringing with her a love for baking and cooking. Patty is an integral part of the baking staff! Her work ethic is vital to production and her dedication shows everyday. She is always contributing ideas to improve the shop. From new recipes, production methods and marketing ideas, she works to help us move forward in all that we do. 

Patty is also the “fix-it girl!” She is the one we go to if something isn’t working. Thanks for keeping the vacuum running well past its lifecycle.

Thank you Patty for all your efforts! We love you and consider you a valuable component of our Sweetie-licious family. Your hard work and ability to keep positive in work and life is admirable.

(In case you're wondering - Patty is holding a package of lobster, which she loves. It, and the case of Coca Cola, were her special treat.)

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Patty, You're Our Sweetie Pie
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