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Cheryl's Raspberry Pie

My dear friend, Cheryl is an amazing person in so many ways, but one attribute is especially lovely to me, and many others – her loyalty. Today, with the world spinning so swiftly, many of the valued virtues of yesteryear seem trite and obsolete to some. However, our true friends that we keep dear to our hearts hold virtues that will always remain paramount. My friend, Cheryl’s unfaltering allegiance to the people she cares for is beautiful, as she remains their champion to everyone. She defends them in their absence and encourages them in their presence. As true, loyal friends do, she aids in trying times and remains steadfast in ordinary times. She always is the one to offer her home, her hands, and her heart to make others feel better and feel loved. She is the true and loyal friend that all people should be blessed having. I implore us all to be a loyal friend like Cheryl; to be a friend that stays faithful in our hearts forever.

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True believer that delicious memories make the world a more meaningful, joyous and loving place.

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