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Winter 2012 - New Year

  • Quote -  Where we love is home. Home, that our feet may leave, but not our hearts. - Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • Savory Foods -  I love all soups, especially all the ones we have perfected at the shop! Our Chicken Noodle with Lemon Rosemary is lovely on frigid days here in Michigan and when I am a little under the weather.Yummy.
  • Sweet Foods -  It is the essential season for warm fruit pies, cobblers and warm molasses cookies. I also love to make warm tapioca and chocolate pudding on Sunday nights for the family.
  • Movies/TV -  This is the perfect time of year for long, epic movies such as Gone With the Wind and a Sunday afternoon of the Donna Reed Show!
  • Pastimes - I love the winter to nest, organize, read, write, and cook. I love that I have no outdoor obligations besides feeding the chickens, so I can enjoy all my indoor projects including writing my cookbook this winter! I do love ice skating on the Norman Rockwell pond across the road!
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