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Cookbook Wisdom ...

"You never forget a beautiful thing you have made.  Even after you eat it, it stays with you - always." -- Chef Bugnard  (Julia's beloved cooking instructor). 
Julia Child  My Life in France. (2006)

This book is absolutely charming and you will fall in love with everything about it, I promise. You will fall in love with Julia and Paul and their sweet and tender marriage. You will fall in love with Europe, especially France and its culture, sights and all the interesting people they happen upon. But mostly, you will fall in love with food, but just not any food – Julia’s food. The food she learns about, and talks about; the food she eats and is served; and of course the food she makes.  You will certainly want to be eating with her, cooking with her, and sometimes, you might even want to BE her by the end of the book.

Clearly, we love our Julia. We will always be enchanted by her unique persona, and passionate legacy for food and life!

Eat pie, love life,  xoxoxlinda

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Cookbook Wisdom ...
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