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Memories of Martha...

Memories of Martha...

While growing up, I absolutely loved watching Martha Dixon's Copper Kettle Show with my sister and mother in Lansing, Michigan. She was our area's local, Julia Child, and her show was a must-see each week for every homemaker and future homemaker in the area. 

My mommy owned Martha’s cookbook, and I remember as a child, staring at it wanting to eat all the beautiful food pictured on the cover, especially the desserts. My mommy was honored to be on Martha’s show as she demonstrated cookie baking, and still talks about the experience with proud fondness. Martha Dixon's sweet disposition, easy expertise in the kitchen, and her lovely smile made her a dear mentor to me and many others. In retrospect, I think given her cooking and media talents, I am sure she would have been a contender for a national show today; a well deserved feat for such an admirable woman.  

I have been eager to honor Martha at the shop for some time, and am elated to do so this Tuesday, February 7, 2012. The response we have received has been so sweetly positive, as people have shared their memories and how much her recipe traditions have meant to them and their families. Their testimonies; again, confirm how indeed, the heritage of good food makes our lives richer and so much sweeter!

I would have loved to have Martha join us on her day, but she is no longer with us on this earth. However, her love for flair and food remains in our minds, and remains in her cherished cookbook for everyone to enjoy. I am delighted and honored to celebrate the passionate and flavorful life of Martha Dixon and I invite everyone to come share memories of her and her legacy with us on this most special day!  

Eat pie, live a flavorful life!

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