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Roasted Tomato Sandwich Time!

Lots of us who work at the shop look forward eagerly to late summer when there are lots of juicy, ripe Michigan tomatoes available. The reason? That's when we make our Terrific Roasted Tomato Sandwich... soooo yummy!

We specially season and roast fresh tomato slices, put them on fresh Great Harvest white bread along with some of our homemade cheese ball spread, leaf lettuce, feta cheese, and slices of red onion. Then grill them to perfection! Served with chips, Bugles, or pretzels and our homemade onion dip.

If you haven't tried one yet... now's the time to take the plunge... If you're already a fan, stop on in for this season's amazing taste of summer... :-)

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Roasted Tomato Sandwich Time!
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