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Our First "Pie of Thanks" Recipient

 "Changing the World One Pie at a Time" is a Sweetie-licious project designed to recognize folks whose selfless acts of kindness, make our community that much richer... Too often good news is ignored and the good guy finishes last... but not any more! We at Sweetie-licious want to gift these special folks with a piece of our award-winning pie to say “thank you”. For all of us at Sweeties, it’s unanimous as to who the first recipient should be. This person will not want this recognition, which is why he should receive it… 

Junior is a true friend to all of us. He goes above and beyond every day to make our little shop run  smoothly. He is our first customer every day, and our biggest cheerleader. He arrives every morning at 6:30 a.m. to shovel our walk, or carry our tables and chairs outside. Many times he even sets up our coffee for early customers. He's always available to run an errand, carry heavy loads, change those darned florescent bulbs way up on the ceiling, move a 600 lb freezer so we can paint, or even run to the store to pick up a dozen eggs when we run out. He makes us smile every day and is genuinely interested in each of us. 

One of Junior’s most recent acts of kindness was his genuine concern for my upcoming move. I had over 25 years worth of family treasures to move to a much smaller house. Each morning Junior asked how the packing was going and to be sure to call him when I was ready to move. On moving day Junior showed up with several friends to load a 20’ moving truck and worked all day carrying the “heavy stuff”. He refused to let me pay him saying “a cold beer at the end of the day” would do. Later that week, I needed to rent an 18’ dumpster and he again he was willing to work all day to finish the dirty job. He kept my family laughing and motivated to get the job done. I couldn't have done this move without him and I don't think he knows how much we all appreciated him. (by Patty B.)

Junior (Allen) Alward thank you so much from all of us at Sweetie’s!

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Our First "Pie of Thanks" Recipient
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