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"Changing the World One Pie at a Time"

 We at Sweetie-licious truly believe that we can change the world one pie at a time, and we'd like all our customers, friends, and fans to help us make that happen. "Changing the World One Pie at a Time" is a Sweetie-licious project that's designed to reward great people doing great things, with great pie. It's simple really. There are so many folks who understand the importance of loving one another and who willingly help friends and strangers. We want to reward these folks, and their wonderful acts of kindness, with great pie! So what we're proposing is this... if you know of a kind-hearted soul who's gone out of their way to make your (or someone else's) day or who did something extraordinary to help you, we want to hear about them. 

Too often good news is ignored and the good guy finishes last... but not any more! We at Sweetie-licious want to gift these folks with a piece of our award-winning pie. Eating pie is the perfect way to celebrate and most folks enjoy pie like no other dessert. (In fact all other desserts pale in comparison.)

Our hope is that those folks who selflessly give of themselves, will, after being gifted with pie, do the same for another person... one gift leading to yet another gift, and then another... So, let's get started by spreading the word and getting these kind folks nominated.  You can do it two ways. You can stop into the store and fill out a nomination form (and deposit it into the special pie box we've created for just that purpose) or you can email us.(Please include your name, the person's name, both your and their contact information, and description of the wonderful thing they did.) We'll review all nominations and gift as many people as we financially can. 

For those not  of you in the Sweetie-licious delivery area, our project's goal is that all great people doing great deeds, regardless of location, should be rewarded with great pie. We ask that you either make your own delicious pies or find and purchase the best pies in your area to give as "pies of thanks". For pie is simply the best food form of gratitude there is.

So people... start nominating sweet folks who've done thoughtful things. Let's make "Changing the World One Pie at a Time" a national movement!

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"Changing the World One Pie at a Time"
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