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Michigan Maple Syrup Season

Every year just about this time - when the days are getting longer and the spring thaw has begun - is when folks all over Michigan start collecting maple sap and making maple syrup. The maple sugaring season is about 4-6 weeks long here in Michigan. Did you know that maple trees must be at least 35 years old in order to tap them? Did you know that one maple tree can produce between 9 -13 gallons of sap per year?  Did you know that it takes 40-50 gallons of sap to make just one gallon of maple syrup?! 

This year Sweetie-licious is celebrating the Michigan Maple Syrup Season by featuring some new sweet and savory "Maple-licious" treats - including tasty maple oatmeal scones, tempting  pumpkin maple nut muffins, rich maple praline buttercream brownies, amazing new chocolate maple cream pie, and our yummy new maple bacon and three cheese sandwich.  Of course, we'll also have our  awesome maple oatmeal cookies for you to enjoy...

If you're looking for an awesome breakfast treat or dessert, be sure to click on our recipe for Merry Maple Dumplings

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Michigan Maple Syrup Season
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