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Expanded Email Features

Expanded Email Features

We are already sending hundreds of copies of our seasonal "Sweetie News" newsletter to folks via email. (We hope you are one of the folks who are already getting it.) However, in the next few weeks we'll also be able to email folks...

* Announcements of special events at the shop
* Monthly digests of the recipes we post on our website
* E-Coupons that you can print out and bring into the shop for super savings

To receive these new things, you need to tell us which ones you want to receive, as well as provide us with your email address

If you haven't signed up yet, scroll down the homepage to the "Email Signup" section, check any of the four email features you wish to receive, type in your email address, and press the Submit button. It's that easy!

If you've already signed up to receive the newsletter via email, scroll down the homepage to the "Email Signup section, and check any of the three new features we've added (It's not necessary to check the newsletter feature a second time.) Then type in your email address, and press the Submit button.

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