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Tom's Cheery Cherry Cherry Berry Pie

Tom's Cheery Cherry Cherry Berry Pie

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My brother-in-law, Tom was one of those people who you instinctively loved and respected. I think initially you loved him because he had a mile-wide smile that he used sincerely and often. After you got to know Tom, you respected him for his passions, his work ethic, his commitments, his loyalty, his strength, and his love for all living things. As our brother, neighbor, and friend his good deeds to our family are too numerous to mention, but a particular passion of his is indeed especially dear to me, his love for all things pie! Every week or so, we have the family over for “movie night” which includes a homemade dinner and a movie. Tom’s beloved wife, Linda and I do potluck and the rest of the family indulges in a feast, with of course, plenty of pie for dessert! The next morning without fail, Tom would track me down to give me a quick message, as Hundt men, by nature, are men of few words. His thoughts were simple, yet powerful, “Linda, the cherry pie you made last night was absolutely outstanding.” I could see his smile, his conviction and his kindness over the phone lines. I would thank him profusely and go on with my day with that much more confidence, that much more zeal, and that much more inspiration. Tom Hundt understood the most significant creeds to live by, and by example, he continues to inspire others to be outstanding in everything they do.

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