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Aunt Ella's Cherry Pie

My great Aunt Ella called Northern Michigan her home for nearly ninety years. As an unmarried schoolteacher, she spent her summers as a baker at the local “Grand View of the Lake Inn.” The inn was located on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan and across the road from a cherry orchard; a perfect combination for breathtaking views and fresh, homemade cherry pies. Tourists would line up for hours to take in dinner, a golden sunset and a piece of my aunt’s heavenly pie. My aunt loved her life, inspiring both students in the classroom and pie lovers at the inn, year after year. Unfortunately, time does not stand still, for the inn and my sweet aunt are long gone. Thankfully, Aunt Ella’s cherished pie recipe was passed down to me for us all to enjoy. Aunt Ella’s passionate, yet simple life was rich and full and successful by the true meaning of success – inspiring others.

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