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Faye’s Sweetie Potato Pie

My dear friend Faye grew up in a small town in Texas back in the fifties and sixties.  She has wonderful memories of her loving family and neighbors getting together often for dancing, Motown and delicious southern comfort food. Clearly, food, fun and folly were a constant in Wichita Falls. Faye’s mother was known for her sweet potato pies in particular because no one could make a better one. Her pie was creamy and made with Texas sweet potatoes with just the right amount of cinnamon and butter. So, as it was, people started ordering her legendary pies from her at Thanksgiving for she was generous enough to make them for all who asked, at no charge. As the years went by, more people heard about her sweet potato pies until her entire first floor transformed to a sea of pies every Thanksgiving eve. This lovely tradition went on for years, as she never could turn anyone down from one of her pie masterpieces, right up until the day she died. My friend Faye has such beautiful memories of her beloved mother; her sense of humor, her love for all things and especially her generosity. She understood the beauty of using ones’ gifts, giving back and loving people and passed the legacy on to all who knew and loved her. 

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