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Aunt Margie's Banana Cream Pie

My Aunt Margie was one of those special people that exuded love in everything she did.  All that knew her felt her love and instinctively gave it right back. Life was simply better with Auntie Margie around. When she came to visit our whole family would anxiously await her arrival. We could hardly wait to see her pull up in her blue Buick packed with gifts for us kids. She routinely brought us chewing gum, comic books and her famous banana cream pie. Occasionally, I would be the lucky one that got to bring the pie in from her car, which was quite a responsibility for a little miss. I remember staring at its perfection and being terrified that I would drop it, knowing that my brothers would never forgive me. Gratefully, the glorious pie always made it into the house unscathed. My dear aunt taught my family and all those that knew her that loving people unconditionally is the secret to life.

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