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My Brothers Caramel Cashew Toffee Pie

While growing up, I remember my three older brothers, Mark, Paul and David were constantly eating. When all five of us kids came home from school, it was definitely everyman for himself as we charged into the kitchen. Bread, peanut butter, cereal and any food without a note on it from mom telling us not to eat it, was fair game. With three teenage boys, there often were arguments about who ate the last cookie or who ate all the corn flakes etc. I remember one day, my father was a given a big can of cashews from a parent or teacher, as he was an elementary school principal. He brought it home and we all went crazy with excitement for we were a family that loved nuts, but seldom got cashews because of their expense. My father was particularly fond of nuts and was very excited about the gift as well. It was a given to my twin sister and I that the cashews were clearly off the menu as an after-school snack; after all, they were daddy’s cashews! Yet, the next day my brothers somehow couldn’t resist them. They ate every single cashew, crumb and piece of salt from the large, empty can. Daddy was not at all pleased when he got home from work. He had plans for my mommy to make a nut pie for the family with the precious cashews. My brothers were appropriately punished as kids were in the seventies and they never ate anything that was off limits again. This pie is a takeoff of what my wonderful pie baker mother would have made that day some 35 years ago for the family. My brothers today, of course, have a special fondness for this pie!

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