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Mommy's Blackberry Raspberry Pie

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While growing up, my family would spend a week camping near Sleeping Bear Dunes in northern Michigan.

The big lake was breathtakingly beautiful, but routinely ice cold. As kids, we didn’t care and frolicked in the waves from dawn until dusk. One of the highlights of our week was going to Leland, a charming little village on the harbor.  We would browse the unique shops and take home fresh smoked whitefish, bread and cheese.  We also would stop at a local farm-stand to pick up home-grown sweet corn, tomatoes and sweet blackberries. My brothers, sister and I were very excited about the day excursion to Leland, but couldn’t wait to get back to the campsite, for we knew we were in store for a treat!  For you see, my mother was a master at outdoor cooking and she made the most delicious blackberry cobbler in her dutch oven that we had ever had!  No meal was more anticipated. We ate smoked whitefish, fresh tomatoes and sweet corn and the most delicious blackberry cobbler ever while watching Lake Michigan’s beautiful sunset. Perfect memory.

Sleeping Bear Dunes was voted the 2011 "Most Beautiful Place in America" by the viewers of "Good Morning America". To view a video of the area, click on this link

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