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Linda Ruth's Key Lime Pie

I remember the mixed emotions in the house back in the seventies, when my father announced that he and Mom were attending a convention in Miami, Florida. My mother was especially excited, for Miami was becoming quite the hot-spot for vacationers. Of course, all five of us kids were excluded from this mini vacation: hence, we were extremely disappointed. For just days before I had read in a cookbook about key lime pie and how popular it was in Florida and most importantly, how delicious an authentic one was. I asked my parents to bring me back a slice, so I too, could enjoy a bit of the sunshine state. The week lingered for I couldn’t wait for them to get home, mostly because I was so hoping they would return with my yummy slice of pie. The day they were to return, I received a postcard addressed only to me from my parents. On the front of the postcard was a beautiful picture of a key lime pie and the card read, Wish you were here, we will make one when we get home…Love Mom and Dad. Though they did not come home with pie and as much as I wanted the real thing, I was delighted they remembered me with my own postcard. A few weeks later we made our own key lime pie and I loved it. It is still one of my favorite pies.

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