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Grandma Ferrell's Sweetie-licious Pie

Grandma Ferrell's Sweetie-licious Pie

While growing up, my dear maternal grandmother lived nearly 500 miles away, so we were unable to spend the Christmas holidays together. However, my grandma always made it special by sending our family a Christmas box filled with presents and delicious homemade foods. My brothers and sister and I eagerly anticipated the call that the box had arrived at the bus station. We all drove down together in the family station wagon to bring it home. On Christmas morning, it was always the last box to be opened, yet certainly the sentimental favorite. The gifts were always unpredictable, fun and silly.  The food was steadfast, revered and delicious, e specially her beloved Sweetie Pie pie. The flaky crust, toasted pecans, chocolate and caramel made for a perfect Christmas day dessert and knowing that my sweet grandmother made it just for us made it absolutely unforgettable.

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