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Mrs. Cochran's Pecan Pie

While growing up in Michigan, our family lived in an older, quaint neighborhood with mature trees and well manicured lawns. Throughout the years, neighbors would come and go, but there was one couple that lived next door that made a lasting impression on all of us. The Cochrans were a worldly, middle-aged couple with no children of their own. In retrospect, I am certain that our lively family of seven probably seemed hectic to the reserved pair, although I think they enjoyed our chaos. All of us children loved the Cochrans and relished any opportunity to be invited into their serene home to listen to travel stories and eat cinnamon candy! I remember one special day when Mrs. Cochran asked my sister and me into her sun-filled kitchen for a piece of pie. She served the creamy pie on delicate bone china with beautiful lace napkins, both family heirlooms. I remember feeling so loved and special while eating her delicious pecan pie.

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