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Mommy's Pumpkin Pie

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Several years ago my parents had a fire in the home they have shared for over forty years. Fortunately, no one was injured; however, being out of their home during renovation through the holiday season was difficult. I assured my parents that Christmas would be as special as always and that I would host the dinner. My mother insisted on preparing the holiday ham and pumpkin pies and my sister and I agreed to make the rest of the trimmings. However, because my mother was not familiar with her temporary kitchen, she burned the ham black while our mashed potatoes were lumpy and the cranberries were frozen. Our only salvation through this disastrous dinner was the anticipation of Mom’s pumpkin pies. We were not disappointed. The pie never tasted better, the buttery crust and creamy filling was perfect. They truly made the meal complete. I think my whole family realized at that point, not only how grateful we were to be all together, alive and healthy, but also how much we appreciate good pie.

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