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Grandma Rosellla's Vanilla Bean Cream Pie

Back during the bleak Depression, my Daddy’s cousin, Janette came to live with his family for a few special years. Janette’s father had had seven children when his wife suffered a nervous breakdown and was sent away for treatment. He worked long hours at Ford Motor Company and was unable to care for his children alone. Hence, all seven children were sent separately to live with relatives until the family could get back on its feet. As hard as this was for Janette, she found great peace and love in my Daddy’s home that influenced her for the rest of her life. Janette recalls how my grandmother would rock her to sleep, make her new dresses and bake her vanilla cream pies.    These seemingly small acts of kindness proved to be extraordinary influences for a needy, insecure little girl. Janette’s family was reunited a few years later, however, she says that her favorite childhood memories were with my Grandmother eating pies and feeling loved.

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