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Grandma Ferrell's Strawberry & Cream Pie

Grandma Ferrell's Strawberry & Cream Pie

My mother grew up in rural West Virginia and every year their little town hosted a very popular Strawberry Festival. The festival attracted people from around the state - perfect for my Grandmother Ferrell who owned an old boarding house with a small but adorable restaurant on the back porch. In the early summer when strawberries were in season and the festival was in full swing, Grandma's house was bustling with guests. People loved to stay there because not only was she a warm and loving hostess, but she happened to make the best Strawberry & Cream pie in the state. They lined up in the street for her tender crust, creamy filling and sweet berry slice of heaven. Her beautiful personality and perfect pie make people come again and again to enjoy my Grandmother's charm and baking talents.

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