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Sunday Dinners - Dec.

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner and Celebrations page! Our mission is to celebrate home-life with monthly exclusive and delicious Sweetie-licious recipes and ideas, in that we all will continue the rich tradition of lovely family dinners in our homes. We are thrilled to share our treasured library of recipes and traditions to help make our lives meaningful, our homes happy, and our palates joyous!

December Menu

This menu is so wonderful and traditional, and sparkles with holiday yumminess! I am certain it will make your holidays unforgettable, just as it did my mother, some seventy years ago! (Click on each menu item for the recipe.)

Christmas Eve Oyster Soup
Cheddar Herb Biscuits
Holiday Ambrosia Salad
Pomegranate Blue Cheese Salad
Christmas Punch
Pecan Pie & eggnog ice cream

Delightful Ambrosia Salad
This delightful salad is not only delicious but also so pretty to look at!
Pomegranate Blue Cheese Salad
Christmas Punch
Mrs. Cochran's Perfect Pecan Pie

Celebration Photos

Celebration Calendar

Celebrating the Season...

An Old Fashioned West Virginia Christmas

My mom grew up in the mountains of West Virginia during the Depression. During that time, because money was scarce for the entire country, Christmas gifts were few for most folks, so delicious holiday food took the center stage of celebrations.

My mother remembers every Christmas Eve day her family would string popcorn and cranberry garlands by the warmth of the kitchen's wood stove. They would spend the entire day decorating their small, but fragrant, Christmas tree, and helping my grandmother bake her delicious breads, pies, and cheesecake! She remembers anxiously awaiting for the special Christmas Eve dinner, and was always comforted by hot buttery oyster soup, wedges of Swiss cheese, warm biscuits with orange marmalade, a fresh pineapple, and my grandmother's homemade pecan pie! After dinner, they would play dominoes while my Grandpa would recite poetry and read the Christmas story from the Bible.
The holiday menu was always the same, and marvelously delicious, which was very soothing to a little girl growing up in bleak economic times. Strong family roots and delicious, time-honored, traditional foods truly made my mother feel secure and loved, as did a little visit from Santa each and every holiday season! 

Eat pie, savor timeless, delicious memories!

Keeping it Simple 

Christmas time is one of the most special of times, but keeping it simple is always the challenge! If at all possible, try and get your gift buying and wrapping done early in December, so you can concentrate on taking in the beauty of the season.   Reading Christmas stories while cozying up to the fireplace, baking with the family, watching Christmas movies together, inviting friends over for Christmas cheer, caroling, and giving to the less fortunate!

December Memories...

"My absolutely favorite Christmas memory is walking with my grandma and grandpa, uncles and aunts, my parents, and all my cousins late in the evening on Christmas Eve on our way to church. It was so quiet, so sacred feeling, with big flakes of snow gently drifting down... it is my special "Oh Holy Night" memory - Gail