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March Sunday Dinners

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner and Celebrations page! Our mission is to celebrate home-life with monthly exclusive and delicious Sweetie-licious recipes and ideas, in that we all will continue the rich tradition of lovely family dinners in our homes. We are thrilled to share our treasured library of recipes and traditions to help make our lives meaningful, our homes happy, and our palates joyous!

Easter is such a sweet and meaningful holiday, and such a beautiful time of year to celebrate! I love to keep our Easter meal simple, so everyone can savor every second of this lovely holiday. The best part about our menu is that most of the dishes can be made the day before, so you can head to church without worrying about getting brunch ready afterward! This menu is a true testament to Spring, and works well for Mother's Day brunch as well. 

March Menu

Brunch Punch
Mom McComb's Deviled Eggs
Splendid Spinach Strawberry Salad
Granny Close's Banana Orange Bread
Delightful Ambrosia Salad
Heavenly Ham & Asparagus Brunch Bake
Grandma Ferrell's Lemon Custard Cake

 Menu Hints & Additions

Make the Heavenly Ham & Asparagus Ham Brunch Bake, Mom McComb’s Deviled Eggs, Granny Close’s Banana Orange Bread, and Grandma Ferrell’s Lemon Custard Cake the day before to save valuable time on Sunday.
Make the Delightful Ambrosia Salad and Splendid Spinach Strawberry Salad on Sunday morning, within an hour of serving time.

For more bread variety, serve warm, high-quality cinnamon rolls or croissants along with the Granny Close’s Banana Orange Bread.

If you’re a meat lover, cook bacon or sausages in the oven and brush them with real maple syrup just before they’re ready to serve.

Celebration Photos

Celebration Calendar

Celebrating the Season

Holiday Ideas

 If the weather cooperates, you must have an Easter Egg hunt for all ages! We divide folks into age groups to keep the hunt fair and fun, and the different groups hide eggs for the other ones! There is nothing like Grandma running around the yard looking for eggs!


Decorating eggs is a timeless Easter tradition for our family and most families. My husband Johnny blows out the yolks of the eggs prior to decorating them. Some of our favorite eggs are the tiny ones from our sweet bantam chickens! We keep a decorating box filled with ribbon pieces, buttons, sequins, tiny flowers, and a glue gun. We decorate the eggs before Easter and sometimes use them as our placecards on the dinner table.

Every year or so, we all set out on hunt around our farmette for the perfect tree branch to use as the "tree"  to tie our precious Easter eggs onto. This can be as fun as picking out a Christmas tree! 

Seasonal Ideas 

Because March is usually the windy month, it is a perfect month to fly kites! Grab your loved ones, a kite or two, and head to a beach, park, or farm field on the next sunny, windy day! Bring a basket of sandwiches, a thermos of hot chocolate or lemonade, depending on the weather, and enjoy the day! Life is so fun when we enjoy each season, whatever it brings! 

Keeping it Simple 

After Easter brunch, gather around as a family and watch the classic movie Easter Parade. You will marvel at Fred Astaire's dancing and Judy Garland's hats!


March Memories...

As a kid I loved Easter morning! It meant searching for chocolate marshmallow bunnies, hard boiled colored egges, and little nests of jelly beans the first thing in the morning. After getting all dressed up in my new Easter outfit and attending church with my mom and dad, it was off  to the huge family get-together at grandma's house. I remember her house scented by the smokey, spicy aroma of ham baking in the oven, and the fun we kids had searching all over grandma's rambling old house for more colored eggs (and snarfing yummy tidbits from the buffet table) until it was time for everyone to sit down together for a meal!  -- Gail