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Sunday Dinners - Oct.

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner and Celebrations page! Our mission is to celebrate home-life with monthly exclusive and delicious Sweetie-licious recipes and ideas, in that we all will continue the rich tradition of lovely family dinners in our homes. We are thrilled to share our treasured library of recipes and traditions to help make our lives meaningful, our homes happy, and our palates joyous!

October is the perfect month to have folks over for a comforting fall meal.  The season begs for creamy casseroles and fruit crisps, and we have the perfect seasonal menu to accommodate both of these and more!

October Menu

Autumn Kale & Spinach Salad

Comforting Chicken Amandine Casserole

Simply Wonderful Cinnamon Squash

Laura's Pumpkin Bread

Mother's Easy Peach Crisp


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Celebration Calendar

Celebrating the Season...

Keeping it Simple

As always, divide and conquer!  Split the menu duties up to make it easy on everyone. Now days, people expect to contribute, and moreover, want to help.

Make the pumpkin bread the week before and freeze it, and simply defrost the night before, and reheat for delicious warm bread at the meal.

Seasonal Ideas

This season is perfect for bonfires, afternoon touch football games, tailgates and hayrides. Plan a family get together surrounding one of these fun fall activities and top it off with this delicious  dinner!  We have bonfires a lot at our farmette, and now with the backyard fireplaces, folks can have them anywhere. Grab a bunch of old wool blankets, some hot cider and some great music and enjoy the fall season all together around a crackling fire.  We often play singing games around the fire, which always brings lots of giggles!  Fall at its best!

October Memories...

October when I was a kid was the start of the "Potluck Dinner" season. As the days cooled and it got darker sooner, the more folks seemed to get together to celebrate the season, and also to celebrate the joys of cool-weather food like baked beans, beef stew, cheesy scalloped potatoes with ham, tasty fall vegggie dishes, and sweets with pumpkin and spices. For us kids, Potlucks meant crock pots full of yummy sloppy joes and warm brownies with chocolate sauce. Whether potlucks were church or school functions, family occasions, or neighborhood get-togethers, it didn't matter to us, what mattered was time with family/friends and great food. I still love Potlucks for exactly the same reasons! -- Gail