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My Daddy

My Daddy

My Daddy was a man of simple passions and pleasures. He loved dogs, farms, babies, newspapers, visiting with people, hardware stores, pigs, education, fixing cars, collecting old radios, WWII memorabilia, feeding birds and squirrels, doctor appointments, collecting boxes, garage sales, laughter, story-telling, butter pecan ice cream, marigolds, flannel shirts, Tiger baseball, history, peanuts, his family and PIE! 

One of my fondest memories while growing up was listening to Detroit Tiger baseball games on the radio together on warm summer nights. I often helped him hold a flashlight to the car engine as he tinkered on one of our warn-out, old cars. We loved listening to Ernie Harwell’s tranquil voice announce the play by play into the night. He and I would talk about the line-up, the players’ averages, and why Al Kaline was in a slump.

My Daddy’s love for his family was paramount and where he got his greatest joy. He loved telling stories of his one-room schoolhouse days and of their farm growing up to all of us kids. He spoke of hard work with honor and respect and love for his neighbors and relatives with pride.

My Daddy loved people, loved talking to all people that cross his path. His bank teller, waitress, or hardware store assistant would soon become fast friends as he loved to meet and enjoy people.

He also had a huge sweet tooth, as I do. Sometimes he would stop for candy bars or ice cream cones on road trips, which thrilled me beyond compare. But he loved pie most of all, and always, always appreciated my mommy’s delicious homemade pies, and later in life, my own homemade pies! 

My Daddy’s smile and laugh have always been my favorite. He absolutely loved to laugh, as his eyes squint up with an ear-to-ear grin covering his face, when he found something pleasing, which he did often.

My Daddy ws a wonderful father. Thank you, Daddy for leaving me with your spirit of unconditional love and respect of people, laughter, appreciating and honoring our past, the importance of story-telling, love for family and passion for pie!

With gratitude and deep love– eat pie, love life - xoxxolinda

Farm Market Love

Farm Market Love

I absolutely love the magnetic atmosphere of farm markets and the steadfast commerce they have demonstrated for centuries. The hustle bustle of the satisfied vendors and customers, the aroma and beauty of the perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables and the outdoor sunshine and breezes swirling in the pavilion or tents has a uniquely loving, comforting energy like nothing else. 

Farm markets have always been oh, so near and dear to my heart. I have such lovely memories of my daddy taking my twin sister and me downtown to the city farm market early Saturday mornings.   Because my father grew up on a farm, he had much appreciation for farmers and their bounty and loved visiting with his vendor friends at the market. No matter who we talked to, the subject always seemed to turn to the unpredictable Michigan weather, and I remember fondly my daddy's reassuring and empathetic responses to their farming plights. Listening to these conversations, I realized at a young age the importance of not only buying local and how it affects our local economy and people, but more importantly, the emotional connection with people and food. 

With a daughter on each hand, he would take us down the crowded aisles, to buy his beloved vegetables and such; large pink radishes, fresh sweet corn, garden red -ripe tomatoes, and local artisan Colby cheese were his staples.   I enjoyed them all, but my favorite was the bakery booth, as the booth was stacked with various homemade breads and doughnuts, which was delight for a sweet-tooth little girl to see. My father happily would buy a fresh loaf of raisin bread for the family, but best of all, he would let my sister and I pick out a big, fat jelly doughnut! What a treat! 

It seemed only natural for me to start selling my own pies at our DeWitt Farm Market when I first started my home based business some ten years ago. I will never forget the love in the air as my customers came to my vintage table clothed booth - they smiled, they ate, they loved my pies...and... me! I was high on the love, energy and emotional connection with my customers just like my daddy had taught me so many years before! 

I sold out of my pies every Saturday from that day forward and never looked back. It is amazing how buying with a smile, a simple tomato, a bushel of peaches or a homemade pie from a farm market can make a life experience so much deeper than we realize.  

Farm markets have always been oh, so near and dear to my heart.

Eat Pie, and Love Life… Linda 

P.S. Please visit us on Saturdays at the Meridian Farm Market in Okemos and on Thursdays at the Northville Farm Market.

My Favorite Pie...

My Favorite Pie...

I am often asked if I have a favorite pie, and I truthfully cannot pick just one. It is indeed like asking if you have a favorite son or daughter; you simply cannot choose! Still, I enjoy seasonal pies the very best. I have always loved the change in seasons, and enjoy decorating my farmette and shops to celebrate the different times of year and holidays. And I love seasonal cooking and baking to complement them as well, especially pie! 

In the spring I absolutely adore rhubarb pies. The sweet-tart fruit filling paired with a buttery crust is truly unbeatable. This is our family's all-time favorite pie for May birthdays and Memorial Day picnics. 

Come early summer I cannot wait to have a strawberry and cream pie with fresh-picked sweet strawberries set atop creamy vanilla custard filling. Later in the summer I adore fresh blueberry and peach pies, and love combining the two for pure summer love. Eating slice of these pies on my front porch is a summer must! 

Once my favorite season of fall arrives, I cannot wait for caramel apple and pumpkin pies. I love how they taste exactly like crisp autumn, and both are a staple at our Harvest Home barn party. 

As for winter, I adore pecan pie for holiday entertaining and love butterscotch praline for winter Sunday dinners. Both are rich and deep with flavor - perfect to warm you soul in the coldest season!  

Eat pie, love life   xoxolinda

Easter Time

Easter Time

I love those two words put together – Easter time equates to me, green grass, pretty dresses, yummy ham, cream pies, sunshine, and eggs – dyed, chocolate, deviled, pickled and plastic filled! I remember being very excited about my Easter dresses, hats, and white gloves! Loved the gloves, I still love wearing them to events when I can pull it off! Still love a darling dress too - I have a collection of retro ones - and am always charmed by a sweet sundress! 

Our Easter basket tradition was a little different than most, as opposed to each of us five kids having our own basket, we all shared a very large one. It was mostly filled with jellybeans, yet some years we got a chocolate bunny, silly putty and/or a comic book. I always envied the kids who got to “find” their own basket on Easter morning filled with lot of chocolate eggs, kites, bubble bath, and such. To me; however, our yummy dinner and the pie easily made up for our lackluster Easter basket.  

Church was always special…I remember it as beautiful; filled with Easter lilies and everyone dressed in their Easter best! At that age, I remember church being especially long, when all I could think about was the dinner and the Easter egg hunt that awaited me at home! Now, I appreciate Easter and how my faith has always inspired and renewed each season, and how stirred I am to do His work with love. 

But, food for me was, and is always, my favorite part of any holiday, and Easter is no exception. My family had a traditional ham marinated in Vernors ginger ale and adorned with pineapple rings and cloves, creamy scalloped potatoes, orange-pineapple Jello mold, peas and carrots, seven-layer salad, pickled and deviled eggs and of course, pie! My mother usually made cream pies for Easter - lemon and coconut cream were family favorites!  

In the picture shown, circa 1966 or so, my family is posing at my dear Aunt Margie’s farm on a lovely Easter Sunday! I smile every time I see this picture, as it was obviously taken before today’s slick cameras. The “hatchet head” was a common problem for many picture takers back then, especially my Aunt Margie. She was always cutting someone’s head off, such as my poor daddy’s! I also love this picture because it shows how everyone got dressed up back then! I am not sure why dressing up for events has fallen out of favor, but I sure wish people would respect all the special events in our lives and dress up for them.  

Let’s remember Easter, as we did in the past and make it lovely with a grateful heart, an inspired spirit, a yummy dinner, a delicious pie, and/or a new dress or tie! :) 

Eat pie, love life, Linda xoxoxxo

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Linda's Favorites

Summer 2015

I am looking out my west window as I write this and watching the wheat fields blow lovely patterns in its vast green mass. The summer wind is robust today as the tree limbs bend over. Most definitely one of my most favorite summer things are warm, sunny, breezy days, and large open farm fields perfectly aligned with some vibrant green crop.

Favorite Summer Foods --Ice Cold Watermelon, Grilled Blackened Michigan Whitefish, Grilled Michigan Sweet Corn, Sliced Fresh Michigan Tomatoes, Old Fashioned Potato Salad, Fresh Michigan Peaches – Cold or Grilled w Orange Honey, Homemade Vanilla Custard ice Cream,Summer Pies - Strawberry Cream & Rhubarb & Blueberry & Peach, and Strawberry Shortcake 

Favorite Summer Movies --

A Summer Place – Beautiful people, classic 1950’s drama

Stand By Me – Boys of summer in the fifties, simple yet deep story

Gidget movies – Adorable, innocent Sandra Dee and fifties fashion!

Elvis Beach movies – Fun and over the top with…Elvis!

The Sandlot – Summer neighborhood boys playing baseball in the 1960’s

The Parent Trap – So Disney – summer camp and cutie-pie Hayley Mills! 

Favorite Summer Songs --

Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra

All Summer Long – Kid Rock

Boys of Summer – Don Henley

Summer Nights – John Travolta, Olivia Newton John

Summer Breeze – Seals& Croft 

Favorite Summer Pastimes -- Parades, Bike rides with my whole family, Picnics, Beaches, Campfires, Outdoor Flea Markets and Antique Shows, Gardening, Naps in the Hammock, Evening Sunsets, My Feet Cooling in a Lake or Pool, Reading on my Front Porch Swing, Riding around in my old VW Bug Convertible.

About Linda

Linda Hundt is the…

True believer that delicious memories make the world a more meaningful, joyous and loving place.

Proprietor of the cutest pie shop in the whole world, Sweetie-licious Bakery Café, DeWitt, MI.  

Winner of the 2009 Crisco National Pie Championship Best of Show/Food Network Pie Challenge…dreams really do come true!

Mother two charming and beautiful college student daughters.

Winner of 15 first place awards at the Crisco National Pie Championship, including the Crisco 100th. Anniversary Innovation Award.

Wife of an equally charming and beautiful husband of over 25 years.

Daughter of adorable and happy parents, – My mommy is my cooking and baking mentor and certainly one of the original Pie Queens.

Sister to three, sweet , older brothers,  fraternal twin to a lovely, lovely sister.

Friend to many amazing and true friends.

Part-time home-keeper of our little family’s lovely, century old “farmette.”

Pie baker that believes that loving people and making great pie is her mission in life.

Luckiest girl in the world.

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