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April Sunday Dinners

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner and Celebrations page! Our mission is to celebrate home-life with monthly exclusive and delicious Sweetie-licious recipes and ideas, in that we all will continue the rich tradition of lovely family dinners in our homes. We are thrilled to share our treasured library of recipes and traditions to help make our lives meaningful, our homes happy, and our palates joyous!

 "Oh, the lovely fickleness of an April day!"
-- William Hamilon Gibson

Yes, April showers do bring May flowers, at least here in the Midwest they certainly do! I love April and all of the hope and newness it brings every year without fail; for every bud on a tree and flower on a vine reminds us of new beginnings and dreams for the future! Because we have had an especially rainy month here in Michigan, and a trying string of rainy days; a blue sky full of sunshine brings us all a renewed spirit of the season -which is the soul of April! We can all model our lives after April's blessings – with every dark and dismal day that may come our way – a new bright, happy, and sunny day is SURE to follow!  


April Menu

This menu is perfectly “Springy” in every way – enjoy the early spring vegetables and the simpleness of all the dishes! Divide the dishes up among various family members and/or friends, and enjoy each other, and this delicious light, Spring meal!

Spring Vegetable Soup
Lovely Layered Salad
Sweet Cinnamon Applesauce
Best Beer Bread
Beautiful Banana Pineapple Crunch Cake

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Celebration Calendar

Celebrating the Season...

Seasonal Ideas

April can indeed bring its fair amount of rain, so taking advantage of rainy days is a must for this month! If the day is relatively warm, there is nothing like putting on some rubber rain boots, a raincoat, and grabbing an umbrella to venture out for a walk in the country! The landscape can be simply lovely with fresh greenery and newborn flowers peeking through the ground after a long winter's slumber. Flowering and budding trees are darling dripping with water drops; while the scent of rain mixed with April's new soil and flora is undeniably magical! Be sure to walk through large mud puddles to truly experience a real walk in the rain! Take your partner, the kids, or go alone – just remember to relish the raindrops on your brow!  

This is a great time to start gathering rain water for all sorts of wonderful, efficient, and “green” home purposes. Water your plants and animals and rinse your hair in the lovely, sweet water like our grandparents did! My grandmother had an old rain barrel at her farm, and I remember my twin sister and I each gathering a pitcher of fresh water to rinse our hair after a bath – it was quite cold, but made our hair silky soft! Check out for more information.

Keeping it Simple

After dinner on a rainy day, gather the family around and play a good long game of "Clue" or put on the movie classic, “Singin' in the Rain,” Watching Gene Kelly dance in the rain always makes me smile - and as good as Gene is, Debbie Reynolds steals the show – what a darling talent!

April Memories...

I love this time of year as… The frost melts and the sunshine warms my bed earlier for afternoon naps! The happy songbirds start singing and showing their sweet faces! A lovely fresh breeze lifts the winter blankness in the air! The gardens start budding teeny tiny stems through the cold and tired soil. A new batch of spring chicks are lovingly chosen to live at the Hundt Homestead henhouse. --  xoxolinda