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Sunday Dinners - Aug.

Welcome to our Sunday Dinner and Celebrations page! Our mission is to celebrate home-life with monthly exclusive and delicious Sweetie-licious recipes and ideas, in that we all will continue the rich tradition of lovely family dinners in our homes. We are thrilled to share our treasured library of recipes and traditions to help make our lives meaningful, our homes happy, and our palates joyous!

August brings the end of summer, the last leisurely days of the season before we are back to school and the regular routines of life. Celebrate these days with family and friends!! A Backyard Bash can be casual and easy, just an excuse to have people over and have fun. 

It can be a simple night with immediate family, sitting outside on the deck, hanging out, and watching the kids run around. A great time to set up the volleyball net and play a friendly game of ball! Or take it up a notch, invite friends and neighbors to share in the fun. 

August Menu

It’s important to make the food easy, but always delicious. You want to spend time with company not all your time preparing and cooking. Plan the menu with dishes you can prepare ahead of time and can be served at room temperature.


Citrus Couscous with Roasted Vegetables
Super Easy Lime Chicken
Mango Raspberry Crisp
Sparkling Sweet Sangria

Celebration Photos

Celebration Calendar

Celebrating the Season...

Seasonal Ideas 

Why not make it a theme bash? Have your guests dress as a musician from their favorite decade of music. Make the patio a dance floor with outdoor lights hanging all around and have your own DJ for the night. Or with football season around the corner, ask everyone to dress representing their favorite college football teams. Decorate tables with different school’s colors and emblems. You could even have a fun game of touch football! Make it a night to remember. 

"I am thankful  to clean up the mess after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends." -- Nancie J. Carmody  

Keeping it Simple...

If you are having a bigger get-together with friends ask everyone to bring a dish to pass to add to the spread. As long as you are providing the main entrees you know you have everything covered and anything extra is an added bonus.     

August Memories...

August was the time of year in my neighborhood when folks invited other folks over for backyard parties and get-togethers. Maybe it was the warm weather, maybe it was because everyone's vegetable garden was producing lots of extra food to share, and maybe it was because  the adults felt that the summer was winding down and soon the kids would be going back to school and it would start feeling like fall... so they made sure to savor the summer evenings and spend them having good times with friends, family, and neighbors. The things I remember most about those parties was eating roasted sweet corn, watching the adults laugh and enjoy each others company, and at dusk playing outdoor games like red-rover with other kids. Late summer backyard parties will always remain a sweet memory!